Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are We There Yet? Yes!

We finally made it.  No engine trouble. Whew! 

Encore Manatee RV ResortWe are staying at a nice place, the Encore Manatee RV Resort. Last time we visited the kids we stayed at Manatee State Park and it was jungle from awning to awning, there was no pool and the so-called beach had a sign—”"Beware of Alligators.”

This time we were just a few minutes from the kids and we were not in a jungle. As the crow flies we were about 3 miles from the kids house. Actual driving miles about 5. So it wasn’t bad.

Encore Manatee RV Resor 2tThe sites surround a 17-acre lake complete with resident alligator.  Only a small 4-6 ft. one.  Only saw him once and that was enough.  You have to figure if  there is a permanent body of water here in Florida, there will be at least one alligator in it.

We did find that there were other particularly nasty residents in the park. Ants. Not benign ants but nasty, out-for-blood ants. Their first victim was Quark but by the end of our stay we all had been bitten. Mine are still itching after three days .

This complex is mainly a snowbird community.  In the summer months there’s plenty of room for folks like us.  There are many permanent sites that have park model trailers with additions, porches and landscaping.  Some of the residents are year-round, but most come for the winter.  The basic sites have an asphalt pad plus a concrete patio. 

We made use of the pool as much as we could.

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