Friday, August 19, 2011

Pepe LePew

Stayed at Rend Lake Gun Creek Campground last night.  This is a Army Corps of Engineers (COE) campground.  COE facilities always are associated with Dams.  We enjoy these campgrounds as they are inexpensive, in close proximity to water/wildlife, have decent facilities and are not commercialized.

2011 AUG 18 Rend Lk Gun Creek CG_8141

Gun Creek is no exception.  Our campsite had a water view, the facilities were good and there was wildlife. 

As some you already know, Quark is a hunter.  If he sees a squirrel, you better have a good grip on the leash.  We don’t mind this as there is only a very remote chance he will actually get close enough to grab one.  Sometimes we find ourselves spelling S-Q-U so we don’t tip him off.

It seems to me that I read somewhere that dog’s eyesight was not not as good as human’s. Human’s being better able to spot small objects.  I guess I must take exception with that.

Last evening about dusk I took the boys out for their “constitutional” and quark spotted something walking in the grass about 1/2 a football field away.  I thought that was pretty good as I didn’t see it until I looked where he was looking.  We were going to get a closer look thinking it was a groundhog (we’d seen one earlier) or a raccoon or an opossum.  After looking a little more closely, I didn’t like the looks of what I saw.  I was sure it was a skunk.  So we headed back to the motorhome.

Right before bedtime we went out.  When it is dark out I don’t like to let the boys get too close to the woods and we didn’t.  They were taking their time and Quark was doing more sniffing than usual.  As we walked I saw a stump in the cut grass and thought that it was funny that I hadn’t see it earlier, but we continued heading in that direction anyway.  I don’t know what made me direct my flashlight that way, but to my surprise the stump not only moved but it was black with a white stripe.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was that I saw what it was before we got too close.  I can’t imagine what the motorhome would have been like if the three of us would have been sprayed. 

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