Sunday, August 21, 2011

It’s Raining Cousins

Last year I was contacted by a fellow Szczuldo genealogy researcher, Andrjez, in Poland.  While he has not found the connection between his line from Sejny about 40 km from my line in Raczki, he is still trying to find a link.  Meanwhile, he has put me in contact with a cousin Jerzy in Chicago.  Jerzy, grandson of Julius (born abt. 1881), has been in Chicago for 20 years.  I have Skyped with him and talked about a meeting.

This summer I have been contacted by three other cousins.  First cousin, Rosann, who I have been out of touch for 40+ years and two cousins--Sandra and Susan, both grand-daughters of my grandfather Josef’s (b1883) brother, Franciscous (b1886).  We hope to get as many  cousins together as we can in the Spring. 

Here are photos of the brothers.

Szczudlo Uncle Frank (Leo Studlos)

Made in Chicago picture of Julian, son of Antoni Szczudlo and Tekla Raczki  Szczudlo Josef  head shot

Julius                                    Josef                          Franciscous

This has been a very difficult search as my Dad left very few links to his family.  My grandmother, Josef’s first wife , Marianna, died at a young age.   Josef remarried in short order as he was left with very young children.  Had three more children with second wife, Caroline.  Aunt Mary, my only living aunt, was the youngest of all the kids and can’t offer me any information. 

I am looking forward to exploring my Dad’s family more and hope to have a continued relationship with my newly found cousins.

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