Sunday, March 8, 2009

Girl Scout Spaghetti Dinner

Papa and Nana braved blinding downpours for 2 hours to support our little girls.

Audrey is a Brownie and Emily is a Daisy and this was a major fundraiser for the local Girl Scout council.

We got to the house just as Amy and the girls were leaving. A few minutes later Amy called Tim for dry clothes for the girls. They got caught in another downpour on their way into the school. So off we went and of course when we arrived the heavens let loose again. We dropped Tim off with the clothes and circled the parking lot until a parking space close to the entrance opened up. Then we made a run for it.

This was quite the production in the gymacafatorium of the local middle school. The girls all had assignments. The older girls had more responsibility, the younger girls bussed tables. There was a bake sale and a silent auction with wonderful gift baskets put together by each troop.

This is a picture of their troop. I messed up. You can just barely see Audrey's elbow on the far right. Emily is 3 1/2 from the right and Amy is on the far left in the light blue.

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