Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Digital Photos

We have photos--boxes of photos. Almost none are labeled. Few are in albums. Enter digital photography. A wonderful solution, take gazillions of pictures and print only the keepers. Yeah right. We now have probably 20 CDs full of photos not to mention those stored elsewhere.

The next step of course was to purchase an external hard drive (XHD) and save all important files such as photos and genealogy on the hard drive. Good plan. Here is the rub, we have several thumb drives, 3 pcs and 3 digital cameras.

Two cameras are Olympus and use the same numbering system which incorporates the date the photo was taken. As all the photos had to be merged to the XHD there was the potential problem of duplicate names and the possibility of overwriting some photos. So we came up with a naming system. It took days to organize then move everything while checking for and deleting duplicates. This sounded good at the time but has become a hassle as we don't have the self-discipline to follow through.

So what has digital photography changed for us? Not a whole lot, besides instant gratification. We have even more photos to store--you know we are taking gazillions of photos.

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