Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Black Hills Trip Stats

Our trip began on August 28, 2013 at the Illinois Samboree in Henry, IL. Our trip concluded when we returned home after dropping Quark off at the UW Veterinary Clinic for treatment of an eye injury on September 17.

  • Trip duration—21 days
  • Miles traveled with our truck —2725*
  • Gallons of gas used—253.7
  • Cost of gas—$897.86
  • Cheapest gas—$3.29
  • Most expensive gas—$3.89
  • Average price per gallon—$3.61
  • Average MPG—10.7
  • Camp fees—$383.57
  • Total expenses (gas, admissions, food, misc.)—$1895.01
  • Average expenses per day $90.24

*After we arrived at our destination and parked the RVs, we alternated days driving to points of interest.  I do not have the miles Jim and Sherry put on their car.

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