Friday, April 5, 2013

Total Trip Costs March 2013 Florida Trip

Total Days = 22

Total Miles = 3498

Average MPG = 11

Average Cost Gas/Gallon = $3.59

Highest Gas Price/Gallon-Carrabelle, FL = $3.79

Lowest Gas Price/Gallon-Blytheville, AR = $3.32

Total Campground Fees = $443

Total Restaurants = $224.75

Total Gas = $1147.35

Total Gifts/Souvenirs = $65.54

Total Trip Expenses = $1880.64*

Average Cost per Day = $85.48

*Does not include groceries as we would have that expense if on trip or at home.

This was our first extended trip with a truck and trailer.  We saw a 35% increase in fuel economy with the truck/trailer over our last trip with the motorhome (used our Suzuki for touring @ about 20 mpg)That said. the truck was our only vehicle and not only was it used to take us from campground to campground, it was also our means of travel while touring. 

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