Friday, October 5, 2012

Potosi, WI to Warrens Cranberry Festival, Part 1

Weather forecast for our upcoming club outing offered a mix of warm and cool temps and some rain. 
We had a beautiful drive to Grant River COE Campground in Potosi, WI.  There were clear skies and mild winds.  Not so for those who traveled earlier in the week or even later that day.  We were told that the cross-winds were so strong that some felt they would be blown off the road.  We were fortunate, though.
After arriving, Tom discovered the site he selected was not as he expected, it was more shaded. He wanted to select another site from the Non-Reservable sites but I insisted we keep the one we had.
 We had a fairly private setting as we were adjacent to the woods on one side and there was nothing between us and the Mighty Mississippi but a few hundred feet of lawn.  Another plus to our site was our proximity to the train tracks. Our campsite one of the furthest from the train tracks as you could get. This is important as the track is frequented by very long freight trains that make the ground tremble under your feet.

After a nice day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were brisk and rainy.  During breaks in the rain folks came out to walk their dogs or just stretch their legs, some went on shopping excursions,to the Potosi Brewery and others visited the nearby casino. We, big spenders that we are, went to the casino, each armed with $20.  We both got bored before we blew the whole works, returning with about half of what we started with. We returned to the trailer and spent the afternoon playing Farkle and Five Crowns.  Supper that night was at a favorite restaurant of the groups’ for fish fry.  A campfire followed, but Tom and I went in early as it got too cold for us. 
Finally Sunday the rain cleared out as did some of our club who had commitments at home during the week. We stayed until Monday morning before heading north along the Great River Road.

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