Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dodge City

Recreated Front Street

After another long day. We got into Dodge City and spending the night at Gunsmoke Campground.
What to do with the limited time here. There were many choices although some were eliminated right off as they were closed. We chose to go to the Boot Hill Museum.

The actual remains who were buried on Boot Hill have been relocated to a newer cemetery in town. Boot Hill was never an official cemetery, rather it was used as a burial ground for buffalo hunters, drifters and others who had no family in the area--a potters field. The cemetery closed in 1879.

The museum is more than Boot Hill. The museum's Front Street buildings are reconstructions, exhibiting hundreds of original artifacts. They represent Dodge City in 1876, and were carefully researched through historic photographs and newspapers. A wonderful collection of artifacts displayed in vignettes behind the store fronts. During the peak season you will find gunfights and a variety show at the Long Branch Saloon.

The Long Branch was an actual saloon. Gunsmoke used the name.

It was an educational and fun visit.

Trying to be artsy.

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